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We build custom-tailored mobile apps.

Team behind Q Mobile has 12+ years of experience in software development, delivering services to some of the biggest corporations around the world*.

We’re serious about quality

Q Mobile is our new initiative focused solely on designing and implementing high-quality mobile solutions in a timely fashion.

We never stop learning

Staying on the bleeding edge of technology and following state-of-the-art practices requires a lot of passion. We have plenty of it.


Mobile Development

iOS native development, delivering scalable and efficient solutions written in Swift / Objective C, deployed to iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV

UX / UI Design

Even the most efficient and scalable software is nothing without a user-friendly interface and engaging user experience. We cover both.

IoT Services

Modern apps like to talk to the surrounding environment. We know how to deliver a reliable integration solutions for the connected world.


We believe that automation is the key to a successful quality assurance. Automated unit tests, automated integration tests and automated functional/UI tests are part of our daily toolbox.

Open Source

At Q-Mobile, we strongly believe in open source. Contributing and giving back to the community should be part of DNA of every self-respecting tech company. Therefore, we’ve started our company journey by sharing our first simple, yet powerful iOS library: Model2App.

Model2App is a simple library that lets you quickly generate a CRUD iOS app based on just a data model defined in Swift. (CRUD - Create Read Update Delete).

Ever wanted to quickly validate a data model for your next awesome iOS app? Model2App lets you save hours/days by generating a fully working app with persistence layer, validation and many more features.

Just create a new empty iOS project, define your data model, hit ⌘ + R and enjoy your new app. Your life as a developer has never been easier!

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